Mostly cloudy with occasional brightness. Storm Helene passes to our SW Monday night

  • 16 Sep 2018

Today (Sunday)

This afternoon will continue fairly cloudy and just occasional bright or sunny spells.

Temperature 19’c to 21’c (warmest in the northeast)

Wind SSW 15-23mph becoming SW


Cloud gradually thickening to bring a little drizzle in places as well as some low cloud over the hills which may drop as low as sea level for a time.

Temperature 16’c to 17’c

Wind SSW 12-16mph becoming 7-13mph later

Rainfall 0-0.2mm


A fairly cloudy start with low cloud as well as the risk of some coastal mist too, mostly in the west and south. As the day goes on some sunny spells should develop but possibly a little mist on the south and east coast at first but this will clear away.

Temperature 20’c to 22’c

Wind S 8-12mph becoming SE 14-22mph

Tomorrow night

The remains of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Helene will move north to the west of the UK and will bring a pulse of very warm and breezy conditions later in the night.

Temperature 17’c to 19’c

Wind SE 15-20mph becoming SW 28mph gusting to 38mph