Fine and warm with sunny spells today, humid and murky tomorrow as storm Helene passes by

  • 17 Sep 2018

Today (Monday)

A warm pleasant and fairly sunny day across the island although occasional areas of cloud moving through.

Temperature 20’c to 23’c although around 19’c on windward coasts

Wind S 9-14mph becoming SE 7-12mph


Long clear spells at first but some cloud is likely to push in later in the night as storm Helene pushes north to the west of us with the risk of some drizzle developing in places.

Temperature 17’c to 18’c

Wind SE 8-12mph becoming SW 23mph gusting to 31mph by the end of the night

Rainfall 0-0.2mm


Storm Helene will give a cloudy start to the day with a little patchy light rain or drizzle as well as low cloud and hill fog in the south and west of the island. Through the day it should brighten up somewhat although cloud is likely to hang around the hills and coast, especially in the west and south.

Temperature 18’c to 19’c

Wind SW 28mph gusting to 39mph becoming 24mph gusting to 32mph during the afternoon

Rainfall 0.3-1mm