Colder weather on the way?

  • 04 Dec 2018
Rain and snow map (speckled pink = snow)

After the recent prolonged mild weather it looks as though things may start to change over the next 10 days.
Some of the computer models are now hinting that a large area of high pressure could temporarily develop up towards Scandinavia and as it does so the winds may well become northerly and then easterly which will push cold arctic air into western Europe and across the UK.

When the island experiences cold easterly winds at this time of year it can often lead to wintry showers of hail, sleet and snow due to the cold air moving across the relatively warm English Channel. The water warms the air at low altitudes and this warmer air pushes up through the bitterly cold air immediately above it which in turn produces instability leading to showers and its these showers (if the airflow is cold enough) that can lead to sleet and snow.
The potential of a cold spell from these conditions currently stands at around 60% but this may well change closer to the time, so please check back over the next few days and we will give you further information on the potential colder weather.