5/12/18 Latest 24 hour forecast

  • 05 Dec 2018

A cloudy day with some patches of mostly light rain moving through during the morning. Through the afternoon some heavier and more persistent rain will move in from the west.
Temperature 11’c to 12’c
Wind SSW 24mph gusting to 32mph
Rain 6-9mm

Remaining mostly cloudy and mild with some patchy light rain and drizzle at times.
Temperature 11’c to 12’c
Wind WSW 15-23mph
Rain 0.5-2mm

Another mild and cloudy day with the risk of some patchy light rain or drizzle here and there. During the afternoon the rain is likely to become more persistent once again.
Temperature 12’c to 13’c
Wind WSW 16-25mph becoming SW 26mph gusting to 34mph
Rain 0.5-1.5mm