20/12/18 Latest 24 hour forecast

  • 20 Dec 2018

A much brighter day with sunny spells although the odd scattered shower is likely here and there.
Temperature 11’c to 12’c
Wind WSW 26mph gusting to 35mph
Rainfall 0-2mm (localised rainfall possible)

Cloud increasing through the evening to bring a few showers at first but turning into a spell of more persistent and fairly heavy rain at times.
Temperature 11’c to 12’c
Wind SSW 23mph gusting to 32mph becoming SW 28mph gusting to 43mph
Rainfall 8-12mm

Early rain clearing away to leave behind bright and even occasional sunny spells as well as large areas of cloud moving through from time to time. During the afternoon we may see the odd shower although they will be well scattered.
Temperature 11’c to 13’c
Wind WSW 32mph gusting to 46mph becoming 27mph gusting to 38mph
Rainfall 1-3mm (localised rainfall possible)