21/12/18 Latest 36 hour forecast

  • 21 Dec 2018

Early rain clearing away to leave behind fairly cloudy conditions although some sunny spells are likely to develop as we move through the day. There is also the outside chance of a light shower but most places will remain dry.
Temperature 11’c to 12’c
Wind WSW 34mph gusting to 48mph becoming 28mph gusting to 42mph
Rainfall 0-0.5mm (localised rainfall possible)

A mostly cloudy night with just occasional clearer spells. A few showery outbreaks of rain are also likely although they shouldn’t be too heavy.
Temperature 9’c to 11’c
Wind WSW 29mph gusting to 43mph becoming W 28mph gusting to 44mph but then easing somewhat by dawn
Rainfall 1-2mm (localised rainfall possible)

Another day with plenty of cloud around as well as occasional bright or sunny spells. Once again there is the risk of a shower but the risk is very low and any showers would only be light.
Temperature 10’c to 12’c
Wind WSW 18-26mph
Rainfall 0-1mm (localised rainfall possible)