23/12/18 Latest 36 hour forecast + Christmas outlook

  • 23 Dec 2018

Overnight rain quickly clearing away to leave rather grey, overcast and murky conditions with low cloud, hill fog and occasional patches of drizzle here and there. Later in the day a spell of more persistent rain will arrive once again.
Temperature 12’c to 13’c
Wind WSW 26mph gusting to 38mph becoming 22-29mph
Rainfall 2-4mm

Spells of rain and drizzle are likely throughout the night as well as some low cloud and hill fog.
Temperature 10’c to 12’c at first but dropping to 6’c to 8’c later in the night
Wind W 12-17mph becoming NE 14-19mph
Rainfall 4-6mm

Overcast to start the day but the cloud will break to allow some sunny spells by late morning and into the afternoon.
Temperature 8’c to 9’c
Wind ENE 13-18mph

Perhaps some brightness at times but there will be some low cloud developing over the hills as well as the risk of some mist and fog, especially early in the day and again towards evening. It will be mild with fairly light winds.

Much the same as Tuesday with areas of low cloud at times as well as mist and fog patches. Starting to feel a little more chilly with mostly light winds.