Boxing day swim forecast, sea temps and swell size.

  • 25 Dec 2018

The annual Boxing day swim looks like a rather mellow affair this year with fairly calm conditions across the island.

Ryde: Very calm conditions are expected with a light southeasterly breeze and a mere 0.1 meters or less of swell. The water temperature will be a rather respectable (for the time of year) 9.6’c with an air temperature of much the same.



Ventnor: It will be mostly fine at Ventnor with light winds and a small swell running. Waves of up to 1 meter will likely be breaking on the shore which may be a bit of a shock to the system! Water temperatures of around 10.4’c in air temperatures of around 10’c will feel chilly but the light winds will take the edge off.







Gurnard: Extremely calm conditions are forecast for Gurnard with light winds and ripples of just a few inches breaking on the shore. The water will be a touch colder at around 9’c in an air temperature of around 10’c.

So over all a great day for a chilly winter dip and as its for a good cause why not head down as the conditions are near perfect!