27/12/18 Latest 36 hour forecast + weather warning for tonight

  • 27 Dec 2018

Any mist clearing away to leave behind a partly cloudy day although occasional hazy sunny spells are likely at times with perhaps more in the way of sunshine as we move into the afternoon.
Temperature 6’c to 8’c
Wind N 2-6mph


Fog patches quickly developing and perhaps becoming rather widespread for a time before slowly lifting into low cloud later in the night. A frost is likely at first but temperatures rising a little later.
Temperature¬† 2’c to 4’c generally but as low as 0’c in some rural spots although rising generally to around 3’c to 5’c later in the night
Wind light and variable or N 2-5mph becoming NW 4-7mph later

A grey and murky start to the day with some lingering mist and fog patches. Through the morning any mist and fog should lift and thin and some of the cloud will break up a little to give a few bright and perhaps the odd sunny spell although less in the way of brightness than Thursday.