Latest 24 hour forecast

  • 23 Jan 2019


Turning cold tonight with a frost developing rather quickly. As the night goes on there will be a gradual increase in cloud cover which may slowly lift temperatures as we move towards dawn. We may see a few shallow mist and fog patches but these will be rather localised.
Temperature -1’c to 1’c but as low as -3’c in sheltered rural parts.
Wind NNW 3-8mph becoming 2-5mph and turning WSW by dawn

Some early brightness is possible but there will be a lot more cloud around than on Wednesday with the potential of the odd very light wintry flurry. As the day goes on it will gradually become milder although any sunshine that breaks through will be very hazy.
Temperature 5’c to 6’c
Wind WSW 3-8mph becoming NW 9-15mph

Tomorrow night
A mostly cloudy night although a few clearer spells are possible at times, especially at first which may well lead to the formation of some mist and fog patches. Later in the night the odd patch of light rain or drizzle is possible but many places remaining dry.
Temperature¬† 3’c to 5’c
Wind N 3-7mph becoming variable 2-6mph
Rainfall 0-0.2mm