27/1/19 Latest 36 hour forecast + Weather Warning

  • 27 Jan 2019

Early showers clearing away to give some good sunny spells by mid morning. As we move into the afternoon we are likely to see a few showers developing and they cold be wintry with hail or sleet although we will still see occasional sunny spells too.
Temperature 5’c to 7’c
Wind NW 32mph gusting to 53mph with localised gusts of 60mph
Rainfall 0-1mm (localised rainfall possible)

A mixture of clear spells and occasional cloudier periods. A slight frost is possible in a few sheltered spots.
Temperature 1’c to 3’c but a few sheltered rural spots falling to -1’c
Wind NW 33mph gusting to 29mph becoming 23mph gusting to 31mph later

A bright start to the day with sunny spells and only occasional areas of broken cloud moving through. There may be a slight increase in high thin cloud later in the day.
Temperature 5’c to 6’c
Wind NW 19mph – 27mph becoming 15mph – 21mph