29/1/19 Latest 36 hour forecast + Weather Warning

  • 29 Jan 2019

Cloudy with rain arriving through the afternoon, some of which may be fairly heavy as we move into the evening before turning to sleet and snow for a short time and then clearing away. There may be a slight covering of snow on the highest hills and perhaps some slushy deposits on the cars and grass, especially in more elevated locations although it seems likely that it will remain as rain or sleet more northern and northwestern parts of the island.
Temperature 6’c to 7’c
Wind S 9-13mph becoming SW this afternoon then turning NNW 29mph gusting to 43mph during the evening
Rainfall 3-4mm

Any falling sleet and snow clearing away rather quickly with clear spells developing and just the outside chance of a light snow shower. It will turn icy away from windward coasts.
Temperature -1’c to 1’c but closer to 3’c on windward coasts
Wind NNW 29mph gusting to 26mph becoming NW 19-26mph later
Rainfall 0.3-1mm (falling as sleet or snow)

A cold day with icy patches at first but these will soon melt away. Throughout the day there will be sunny spells and broken cloud and just the outside chance of a wintry shower.
Temperature 3’c to 5’c
Wind NW 16-21mph becoming 12-19mph