30/1/19 Latest 36 hour forecast

  • 30 Jan 2019

Sunny spells with areas of cloud moving through at times bringing a small chance of a wintry shower. Through the afternoon there will be more in the way of sunshine with most of the cloud breaking up and moving away.
Temperature 4’c to 5’c
Wind NW 11-17mph

A mostly clear night ahead with a widespread hard frost. As the night goes on some freezing fog is likely to develop giving some very icy conditions in some places.
Temperature -1’c to -3’c although a few sheltered rural spots could fall as low as -5’c
Wind NW 6-10mph becoming 2-5mph

Some early brightness is likely although the cloud will move in rather quickly through the morning to bring spells of rain which are likely to turn to snow away from the west, south and east coast with the potential of a few cm worth of snow. The situation is extremely uncertain at the moment though so please check back tomorrow.
Temperature 4’c to 5’c on windward coasts but 2’c to 3’c inland
Wind SE 14-23mph becoming 26mph gusting to 43mph
Rainfall 4-6mm