4th Feb Latest 36 hour forecast + Weather Advisory

  • 04 Feb 2019



Patchy light rain during the morning will move away slowly and the cloud will gradually break later in the afternoon to allow some brighter spells to develop.
Temperature 9’c to 10’c
Wind SW 32mph gusting to 46mph becoming WNW 6-10mph later
Rainfall 0.5-1.5mm

A mixture of clear and cloudier periods will allow some patchy fog to develop quite early on in the night and this is likely to become rather more widespread and locally dense as we move towards dawn.
Temperature 2’c to 4’c generally but a few rural spots could fall to around -1’c giving a slight frost
Wind light and variable becoming SSE 4-9mph later although remain S to SE 5-11mph on the west, south and east coast

A fairly grey start with mist and fog patches as well as low cloud and perhaps even some patchy drizzle too. As the day goes on there may be some temporary brighter spells before the cloud thickens once again ahead of another rain band that will arrive during the evening.
Temperature 7’c to 8’c
Wind SSE 6-12mph becoming S 14-21mph
Rainfall 0-0.5mm