Feb 9th Latest 36 hour forecast

  • 09 Feb 2019

Some bright or even sunny spells through the morning although the cloud will increase from time to time bringing a few showers in off the English Channel. Later in the day the cloud will increase further with some more persistent rain arriving during the evening.
Temperature 9’c to 10’c
Wind WSW 35mph gusting to 50mph at first becoming 28mph gusting to 36mph
Rainfall 0-1mm (localised rainfall possible)

Showery rain will become more persistent as the night goes on with the risk of some heavier bursts at times.
Temperature 7’c to 9’c
Wind SW 21-28mph becoming 15-24mph
Rainfall 8-10mm

Spells of rain at first giving way to more showery conditions before ending the day on a much drier note.
Temperature 7’c to 9’c
Wind  WNW 24mph gusting to 36mph becoming W
Rainfall 2-4mm