Spring arrives across the island!

  • 13 Feb 2019

Some of you may remember a few weeks back when we mentioned the potential of a very springlike spell, well that spell is now upon us with some light winds, occasional spells of sunshine and some very mild temperatures for the time of year.
Officially the start of spring is still a few weeks away with meteorological spring beginning on March the 1st but on occasion the weather likes to disagree and gives us an early taster although this certainly isn’t a common event.

The reason behind this milder spell is because of an area of high pressure to our southeast. Around this high pressure area the winds spin clockwise, this means we are in the western quadrant of this circulation and therefor being effected by the air as it pushes up from Spain and north Africa.
Spells like this are often repeated once they develop so it’s likely that we will see more spells of much milder than average conditions before the winter is out.

Spring Crocuses in Shanklin

Today will see occasional sunshine as well as large areas of high cloud making any sunshine rather hazy at times.
Temperature 9’c to 10’c in light southerly winds

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be another mostly fine day with long sunny spells and just occasional areas of cloud drifting through.
Temperature 10’c to 11’c in light to moderate southeasterly breezes

Friday will be another pleasant springlike day with long sunny spells although perhaps some low cloud over the hills near to the south and east of the island
Temperature 11’c to 13’c in light to moderate southeasterly breezes

The weekend will see a lot more cloud about but still very mild for the time of year, especially on Sunday if the sun manages to break through.
Temperature 12’c to 13’c in moderate southerly breezes although becoming stronger as we move into sunday.

Daffodils at Winkle Street

So generally a very mild few days ahead with occasional spells of sunshine, especially at first.
Turning a little more unsettled into the start of next week but potentially settling down again later in the week with further very mild temperatures!