• 11 Jun 2019

There have been a few changes to the weather pattern since the last update with less in the way of showers for the daytime on Saturday but instead the heaviest of the rain/showers is now looking more likely to hit early Saturday morning and possibly again overnight into early Sunday morning.

A few showers to start the day followed by occasional sunny spells as well as a fair amount of cloud. It will feel chilly in the fresh breeze. Risk of some showery rain during evening and overnight.
Temperature 13’c to 15’c
Wind moderate becoming fresh to strong southwesterly

Apart from the odd shower early on it looks like a mostly fine day with broken cloud and sunny spells.
Temperature 15’c to 17’c
Wind fresh southwesterly becoming moderate southerly later

Early showers to start the day which may be heavy but these will fizzle out to give some sunny spells. Later in the day further showers are likely, especially overnight.
Temperature 16’c to 17’c
Wind moderate becoming fresh southerly

A few showers early in the day but these will clear to give sunny spells and broken cloud.
Temperature 16’c to 17’c
Wind fresh west to southwesterly