Latest 36 hour forecast, June 11th

  • 11 Jun 2019

Sunny spells as well as areas of cloud moving through from time to time. There is a very low risk of a shower towards northern parts of the island but most places remaining dry.
Temperature 14’c to 16’c
Wind  SE 9-13mph becoming NE later

A mixture of clear and cloudy spells although towards dawn there may be the odd shower moving up from the English Channel.
Temperature 9’c to 11’c
Wind NE 2-6mph becoming 9-14mph
Rainfall less than 1mm (localised rainfall possible)

More cloud around than on Tuesday with the risk of showers almost anywhere across the island although a few limited brighter spells are also possible.
Temperature 14’c to 16’c
Wind ENE 8-14mph becoming ESE 7-11mph
Rainfall 1-3mm (localised rainfall likely)