Storm update for tonight and tomorrow

  • 09 Aug 2019

As the system moves through tonight and into tomorrow the winds will increase to 55-60mph but possibly even a little higher in some parts tomorrow morning.

The wind will peak a few times during this storm. One of the stronger peaks will start around 10pm tonight and lasting until around 1am.

Wind Strength at Midnight

Gusts of 50-55mph are likely with this peak with the risk of a few isolated gusts up to 60mph near the western Solent and also to the lee of high ground which includes areas from Shalcombe, southeastwards towards Brighstone and down towards Chale.


Wind Strength at 2am


The wind eases a little for the rest of the night but then starts to increase once again towards Dawn.

By 4am we start to see the strong gusts returning.
Between 5am and 10am the risk of some extremely strong gusts may develop in some areas. The strongest gusts are once again likely to be in the western half of the island with the west and northwest coast potentially seeing some very strong gusts as well as to the lee of high ground, so areas to the northeast of Brighstone Down, also through the western Solent and this includes the headlands in more southern parts of the island too. Gusts of up to 65mph may be possible in these areas.

Wind Strength at 9am

In more eastern parts of the island the winds will be somewhat less strong with gusts closer to 45-55mph but this is still significant considering the time of year.
Outdoor events will be affected, possibly significantly which may lead to dangerous conditions if there are large tents, gazebos and marquees.

An additional hazard will be very large waves up to 7 meters in western parts of the island although closer to 4 meters along the south coast and around around 2-3 meters in more eastern parts. This will be extremely hazardous to small watercraft.

Wave height at 9am


The winds will gradually ease during the afternoon and become significantly lighter by evening.