Latest forecast, August 12th

  • 12 Aug 2019

Morning showers will move away from the south and east of the island with a mixture of cloud and sunny spells following for a time before further showers develop, some of which may be heavy and thundery in more eastern parts of the island. These will ease away later in the day.
Temperature 17’c to 19’c
Wind  NW 5-10mph but becoming WSW in more southern and western parts for a time and increasing to 12-19mph but staying more WNW in the far east and north
Rainfall 2-8mm (localised rainfall possible)

Any showers clearing away to leave behind patchy cloud and clear spells.
Temperature 11’c to 13’c but closer to 15’c on windward coasts
Wind WNW 9-18mph becoming 8-14mph

Sunny spells to start the day but cloud bubbling up with a few showers developing by late morning, especially in more eastern parts of the island. The afternoon will see any showers moving away to leave mostly dry conditions although increasing amounts of cloud in general as we move towards evening.
Temperature 17’c to 19’c
Wind WNW 9-16mph becoming WSW 14-21mph
Rainfall less than 1mm (localised rainfall possible)