Latest forecast, August 14th

  • 14 Aug 2019

Outbreaks of showery rain will gradually fizzle out with a few brighter spells developing here and there although risk of drizzle will continue along with low cloud and hill fog, especially in more southern and western parts of the island.
Temperature 15’c to 17’c
Wind S 25mph gusting to 40mph becoming SW 23mph gusting to 35mph
Rainfall 4-5mm

A few clearer spells developing as we move through the night although hill fog is still a risk in the south and west and perhaps the odd patch of drizzle at first.
Temperature 15’c to 17’c
Wind WSW 23mph gusting to 34mph becoming W 22mph gusting to 32mph
Rainfall less than 1mm

A much brighter day with sunny spells and broken cloud. During the early afternoon the odd shower may develop but these will be light and extremely localised with most places remaining dry.
Temperature 19’c to 21’c
Wind W 20-29mph becoming 16-24mph