Latest forecast, August 16th

  • 16 Aug 2019

Mostly cloudy and although it will be fairly dry at first with just the odd shower, rain will spread in by late morning/early afternoon and this will become persistent and heavy at times. Hill fog developing later.
Temperature 16’c to 18’c
Wind SW 23mph gusting to 32mph becoming SSW 34mph gusting 45mph by evening with localised gusts of 50mph.
Rainfall 10-15mm

Strong winds and rain at first but both will ease later in the night although some spells of lighter rain and drizzle are likely. Hill fog is likely too.
Temperature 16’c to 17’c
Wind SW 34mph gusting to 46mph with a few places reaching 50mph
Rainfall 3-5mm

A day of broken cloud and occasional sunny spells although there is also the risk of the odd shower here and there.
Temperature 18’c to 19’c
Wind SW or WSW 23mph gusting to 34mph
Rainfall less than 1mm (localised rainfall possible)