Latest forecast, August 19th

  • 19 Aug 2019

A few scattered showers to start the day but also occasional sunny spells too. Any showers should fizzle out through the morning and into the afternoon although a few showers may redevelop towards more northern parts of the island. In general though there will be sunny spells and broken cloud with some places staying dry all day.
Temperature 18’c to 19’c
Wind WSW 19mph gusting to 30mph
Rainfall 0-2mm (localised rainfall possible)

Long clear spells developing which allow it to turn rather chilly in some places.
Temperature 11’c to 12’c in general but as low as 9’c in some sheltered rural parts but as high as 16’c close to windward coasts
Wind WSW 14-25mph becoming W or WNW 11-16mph

Sunny spells to start the day although through the morning some cloud developing which may lead to the odd scattered shower during the afternoon, although most places remaining dry.
Temperature 18’c to 19’c
Wind WNW 12-17mph becoming WSW 14-22mph
Ranfall less than 1mm (localised rainfall possible)