Latest forecast, August 22nd

  • 22 Aug 2019

Long sunny spells with just a little patchy cloud here and there. It will feel pleasantly warm too.
Temperature 19’c to 21’c
Wind WSW 9-14mph becoming SW 13-21mph for a time

Clear spells at times although occasional areas of high thin cloud will drift through. It will turn cold in some low lying rural spots with the risk of some localised fog patches here too. Later in the night the fog patches may become a little more widespread.
Temperature 11’c to 13’c but as low as 8’c in a few sheltered rural locations
Wind SW 8-13mph becoming 1-5mph S or SE later but becoming calm away from the coast

The risk of fog in some places at first as well as the potential for some low cloud, especially in more eastern parts, but any fog and/or low cloud will clear away through the morning to give a very warm day with long spells of hazy sunshine.
Temperature 22’c to 24’c but closer to 19’c on windward coasts
Wind SE 3-6mph becoming 5-11mph