Latest forecast, August 23rd

  • 23 Aug 2019

Early cloud and mist will slowly clear through the morning with long sunny spells following although perhaps with some thin high cloud at times which may turn the sun a little hazy.
Temperature 22’c to 24’c
Wind SE 3-8mph becoming 9-15mph and turning ESE later

Long clear spells although some high thin cloud may drift through at times. A few localised mist and fog patches are also likely in some rural low lying spots.
Temperature 13’c to 15’c but closer to 18’c on windward coasts as well as to the lee of some of the higher hills. A few low lying rural areas in central and western parts could fall close to 9’c however
Wind ENE 3-8mph but closer to 10-15mph on windward coasts and to the lee of hills

A little low cloud is possible at first but this will clear away to give long sunny spells which may be hazy at times.
Temperature 23’c to 25’c but as high as 27’c in some western parts of the island and closer to 21’c on windward coasts
Wind SE 8-14mph becoming E 9-16mph