Lates forecast, August 24th

  • 24 Aug 2019

A hot and mostly sunny day although occasional areas of high thin cloud may turn the sunshine a little hazy at times. There is also a rather low risk of the odd patch of sea mist developing close to eastern coasts.
Temperature 24’c to 26’c but as high as 27’c in some western and northwestern parts of the island but closer to 21’c in more eastern and southern parts
Wind ESE 9-14mph

Long clear spells although occasional areas of high thin cloud developing. There will be a few mist and fog patches in some low lying rural parts too.
Temperature 15’c to 17’c but remaining close to 21’c in parts of the south and west
Wind ESE 8-15mph but becoming 2-6mph by dawn

Long sunny spells once again but still with occasional areas of high thin cloud drifting through.
Temperature 23’c to 25’c generally with a few places seeing 26’c in more eastern parts but much cooler in the west than on Saturday with 20’c or 21’c likely here
Wind S or SE 2-6mph early on then becoming SW 5-9mph increasing to 9-16mph during the afternoon