Latest forecast, August 25th

  • 25 Aug 2019

A very warm day indeed with sunny spells and occasional cloudier spells. There is the outside risk of a shower but most places remaining dry.
Temperature 25’c to 27’c but a few places potentially seeing 29’c in central and northeastern parts although closer to 22’c on windward coasts
Wind  SE 4-8mph becoming SW 6-11mph although sea breezes are likely around the coasts

A fine and mostly clear night with mist and fog developing which may become widespread by dawn.
Temperature 13’c to 15’c
Wind SW 3-8mph becoming calm or variable 1-4mph

Some rather dense fog patches to start the day but these will clear away rather quickly to leave behind long sunny spells. During the afternoon there is likely to be somewhat more cloud developing.
Temperature 25’c to 27’c although a few central parts could see 29’c and closer to 22’c on windward coasts
Wind light and variable becoming NW 4-9mph but with onshore sea breezes developing during the afternoon