Latest forecast, September 3rd

  • 03 Sep 2019

Fairly cloud at times although occasional sunny spells are likely to develop.
Temperature 18’c to 20’c
Wind WSW 12-18mph

A mixture of clear and cloudier periods at first but later in the night the cloud will thicken to bring outbreaks of rain, some of which may be very heavy for a time towards dawn.
Temperature 15’c to 17’c
Wind SW 13-22mph becoming 23mph gusting to 34mph later in the night
Rainfall 5-9mm

Cloud and rain at first but this will clear away rather quickly with sunny spells developing by mid morning. During the afternoon a little more cloud will develop again and this could bring the odd scattered light shower.
Temperature 17’c to 19’c
Wind NW 18mph gusting to 32mph
Rainfall 1-2mm