Latest forecast, September 4th

  • 04 Sep 2019

Sunny spells and patchy cloud although the cloud will increase a little through the afternoon which could lead the the odd light shower although most places remaining dry.
Temperature 18’c to 20’c
Wind WNW 21mph gusting to 34mph becoming 16-24mph

Long clear spells and just the occasional patch of cloud here and there.
Temperature 11’c to 13’c but a few sheltered rural parts could fall as low as 8’c
Wind WNW 16-23mph becoming NNW 13-22mph

Sunny spells at first but cloud developing slowly through the day with the risk of the odd scattered shower during the afternoon but once again most places missing them and remaining dry.
Temperature  16’c to 18’c
Wind NNW 18-28mph becoming NW 13-21mph