Latest forecast, September 6th

  • 06 Sep 2019

Mostly cloudy with the risk of a few showery outbreaks of rain although some places may remain dry for most of the day. Later this afternoon/evening the cloud will move away to the southeast to allow some brighter skies to end the day but still with the odd scattered shower.
Temperature 16’c to 17’c
Wind W 18-27mph becoming 21mph gusting to 33mph
Rainfall less than 2mm

Any showers clearing away to give a fairly cold clear night.
Temperature 7’c to 9’c widely but as low as 4’c in a few sheltered rural spots and closer to 12’c on windward coasts
Wind WNW 114-21mph becoming NW 6-12mph

Sunny spells at first but cloud will bubble up through the morning to bring the odd shower during the afternoon although many places remaining dry.
Temperature 16’c to 18’c
Wind NNW 13-22mph
Rainfall 0-1mm (localised rainfall possible)