Latest forecast, September 9th

  • 09 Sep 2019

Showers at first followed by some more persistent rain at times during the afternoon which will turn showery later on but any showery spells are likely to be heavy and possibly thundery.
Temperature 14’c to 15’c
Wind SSW 13-20mph becoming SSE 12-19mph later
Rainfall 5-12mm (local variations likely)

Any showery rain clearing away so that by midnight a few clearer spells are likely to develop although there is however the risk of low cloud covering the hills and this could drop down close to sea level at times, especially later in the night.
Temperature 10’c to 12’c
Wind E 11-16mph becoming NNE 13-20mph
Rainfall less than 2mm

Early low cloud and possible mist will gradually clear away to leave behind a day of bright and occasionally sunny spells, as well as occasional cloudier periods.
Temperature 17’c to 18’c
Wind NNE 11-16mph becoming SW 6-12mph later in the day