Latest forecast, October 3rd

  • 03 Oct 2019

Lots of cloud around and although a few brighter spells may develop early afternoon, the cloud will soon thicken up again to bring outbreaks of rain by late afternoon/early evening.
Temperature 13’c to 14’c
Wind S 14-21mph becoming 23mph gusting to 30mph later in the day
Rainfall 1-2mm

Rain clearing away early in the night to leave behind clear spells and patchy cloud.
Temperature 13’c to 14’c
Wind S 23mph gusting to 35mph becoming WNW after midnight
Rainfall 1-3mm

A bright or even sunny start but the cloud will increase to bring some patchy rain for a time, but this should clear away by mid/late afternoon with a little brightness to end the day.
Temperature 14’c to 15’c
Wind W 21mph gusting to 24mph becoming 16-25mph
Rainfall less than 0-2mm