Latest forecast, October 30th

  • 30 Oct 2019

A mostly cloudy day with the odd patch of light rain possible in some places. There may also be a few brighter spells but these will be limited.
Temperature 11’c to 12’c
Wind E 25mph gusting to 36mph
Rainfall less than 1mm

Remaining cloudy and windy with some light patchy rain occasionally drifting across the island although most of the rain will remain in the English Channel.
Temperature 9’c to 11’c
Wind E 24mph gusting to 35mph
Rainfall less than 1mm

Another fairly cloudy day with a few patches of light rain early on. As the day goes on some limited brighter spells are likely to develop at times.
Temperature 10’c to 11’c
Wind ENE 20mph gusting to 32mph becoming 14-26mph
Rainfall less than 1mm