Latest forecast, November 4th

  • 04 Nov 2019

Occasional bright or sunny spells but also showers, some of which may be heavy, perhaps the risk of a rumble of thunder.
Temperature 11’c to 12’c
Wind SW 12-18mph
Rainfall 2-6mm (localised variations)

A few scattered showers are likely to move across the island through the night, still with the risk of the odd rumble of thunder although some places staying fairly dry. Some low lying mist and fog patches are likely to develop in sheltered rural parts.
Temperature 6’c to 8’c generally although some sheltered rural parts falling closer to 4’c and windward coasts closer to 12’c
Wind variable 0-3mph inland but SE 4-8mph on the coast then turning NNE 6-12mph later in the night
Rainfall 0-3mm (localised rainfall possible)

A fairly cloudy day with a little light patchy rain in places. There will be a few brighter spells through the day but these will be somewhat limited.
Temperature 10’c to 12’c
Wind N 18-27mph
Rainfall less than 1mm