Latest forecast, November 5th

  • 05 Nov 2019

A lot of cloud about but also occasional brighter spells with a little sunshine, however a few patches of light rain will also be drifting southwards, especially during the afternoon but not everywhere will see these.
Temperature 10’c to 11’c
Wind N 15-26mph
Rainfall less than 1mm

Mostly cloudy with the odd patchy of rain. Later in the night a few clearer spells will develop and this could lead to some localised fog patches, mostly in low lying rural areas. Perhaps a slight ground frost in sheltered rural parts.
Temperature 4’c to 6’c in general but a few sheltered rural parts falling close to 1’c
Wind N 13-24mph becoming 6-14mph

Bright spells early on but the cloud will gradually increase as an area of rain arrives by mid/late afternoon.
Temperature 9’c to 10’c
Wind N 2-6mph at first becoming S 9-14mph during the afternoon
Rainfall up to 2mm