Latest forecast, November 28th + Weekend outlook

  • 28 Nov 2019

Sunny spells and patchy cloud although as the day goes on we will see increasing amounts of cloud bringing the risk of the odd shower by late afternoon/evening.
Temperature 10’c to 11’c
Wind WNW 14-19mph becoming NW later

The odd scattered shower at first but these will move away to the south and some clearer spells will start to develop.
Temperature 5’c to 7’c
Wind N 8-14mph becoming NNE 12-18mph
Rainfall less than 1mm

The morning cloud will gradually break up to give some bright or even sunny spells as we move into the afternoon.
Temperature 7’c to 8’c
Wind NE 13-19mph becoming ENE

A bright start but it will becoming cloudier as the day goes on with an increasing risk of patchy rain arriving from the south, especially during the evening. It will become very windy.
Temperature 7’c to 8’c
Wind ESE 25mph gusting to 38mph becoming E 28mph gusting to 45mph
Rainfall less than 1mm

Mostly cloudy at first but the day will gradually brighten up with some sunny spells during the afternoon. It will be windy and cold despite any bright or sunny spells.
Temperature 6’c to 7’c, wind chill around 0’c
Wind NNE 23mph gusting to 34mph