Latest forecast, November 29th

  • 29 Nov 2019

A pleasant day with sunny spells and broken cloud although temperatures feeling a little chilly in the breeze.
Temperature 7’c to 8’c
Wind NE 8-14mph

Clear spells at first but cloud gradually increasing as the night goes on. There may be a touch of frost in a few places at first but the temperature will gradually rise during the second half of the night as the wind and cloud increase, possibly enough for the odd scattered shower too.
Temperature 2’c to 4’c up to midnight but closer to 7’c around windward coasts and these milder temperatures spreading across the island later in the night
Wind E or ENE 6-12mph becoming ESE 14-22mph
Rainfall less than 1mm

Some early brightness but the cloud will gradually increase through the day. There may also be the odd scattered shower but most places missing these. By evening some patchy light rain will push close to southern parts of the island although its rather uncertain if this will reach the island or not.
Temperature 8’c to 9’c
Wind ESE 21mph gusting to 34mph and increasing to to 26mph gusting to 39mph by evening
Rainfall less than 1mm (localised rainfall possible)