Latest forecast, December 1st

  • 01 Dec 2019

An apt day for the first official day of winter with chilly temperatures and a cold wind. There will be some decent sunny spells throughout the day however giving a fairly pleasant feel out of the wind.
Temperature 6’c to 7’c with the odd spot seeing 8’c
Wind NE 18-29mph becoming NNE 16-28mph

A mixture of clear spells with occasional cloudier periods. There will be a widespread frost though, even in more coastal parts.
Temperature -1’c to 1’c but a few sheltered spots could fall as low as -3’c
Wind N 14-22mph becoming NNW 8-14mph

A cold start to the day with sunny spells and occasional areas of cloud drifting through as the day goes on.
Temperature 4’c to 6’c
Wind NNW 8-13mph