Latest forecast, December 2nd

  • 02 Dec 2019

A fine and sunny day with just a little patchy cloud here and there. It will feel cold in the breeze though.
Temperature 4’c to 5’c
Wind NNW 6-13mph

A clear and fairly cold night with a widespread ground frost in most places as well as a localised air frost, especially in central, southern and eastern parts of the island with the risk of fog patches, especially in the colder locations which could lead to some freezing fog patches.
Temperature 0’c to 2’c but as low as -2’c in southern and eastern parts of the island
Wind NNW 1-4mph becoming variable

A cold start to the day with localised fog patches but these will quickly clear away leaving behind a sunny morning. During the afternoon some patchy cloud is likely to push in from the south.
Temperature 5’c to 7’c in central, northern and western parts but closer to 9’c further south and east
Wind variable 0-4mph becoming S 4-9mph