February 7th, Latest forecast

  • 07 Feb 2020
Damp roads early and again late in the day

Sunny spells at first but cloud amounts will gradually increase through the day. There may even be some light rain or drizzle by evening.
Temperature 8’c to 9’c
Wind SE 13-18mph becoming S or SSE 16-25mph
Rainfall 0-1mm

Wet roads

A cloudy night ahead with some patchy rain at times along with some low cloud and hill fog in western and southern parts.
Temperature 7’c to 9’c
Wind S 19mph gusting to 31mph becoming WSW shortly before dawn
Rainfall 1-2mm

Early wet roads but becoming fine and mostly dry

A fairly cloudy start, perhaps with a little rain early on but it will brighten up by mid morning to give a fairly bright afternoon with sunny spells and broken cloud.
Temperature 9’c to 10’c
Wind W 13-24mph becoming WSW 18-29mph
Rainfall 0-1mm

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