February 9th, Latest forecast and Storm update

  • 09 Feb 2020
Dangerously high winds on exposed routes, wet roads with surface water and spray likely this afternoon.

Occasional mostly light rain this morning followed but heavier spells of rain as we move into the afternoon. The winds will be extremely gusty throughout but peaking during the early afternoon.
Temperature 11’c to 12’c
Wind SSW 36mph gusting to 68mph becoming SW 39mph gusting to 76mph then turning more SSW by mid afternoon.
Rainfall 4-7mm

Very strong wind gusts over exposed routes, surface water and spray.

Heavy showery spells of rain at times and even though the wind will have eased generally, there is still a risk of some extremely strong gusts around some of the heavier showers.
Temperature 6’c to 8’c
Wind 36mph gusting to 58mph but gusting up to 70-80mph around heavier showers
Rainfall 3-8mm (locally variable amounts)

Strong gusty winds, especially over elevated routes, wet roads with occasional surface water and spray.

A brighter day but also with occasional showers, some of which are likely to be heavy with hail. It will still be very gusty, especially around the heavier showers.
Temperature 8’c to 10’c but dropping during the afternoon
Wind W 28mph gusting to 46mph becoming WSW 32mph gusting to 65mph
Rainfall 1-5mm (locally variable amounts)

The winds have already been gusting to 65mph at out Shanklin station and these strong gusts will continue and even increase through the morning and into the first part of the afternoon. Gusts exceed 70mph are likely in some parts of the island with 80mph likely over the hills and in more exposed coastal areas. Wind speeds of up to 90mph are even possible in one or two spots (such as the Needles or over the highest hills). The wind will ease slowly during the second half of the afternoon but as we move into the evening a second spell of winds may well develop with the passage of heavy showers. Around some of the showers the winds are expected to gust to around 80mph in places, possibly even higher in exposed locations.
We will have more updates later.
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