February 11th, Latest forecast

  • 11 Feb 2020


Damp, locally wet roads and strong gusty winds

Sunny spells but also scattered showers, some of which may be heavy with the risk of hail or sleet mixed in.
Temperature 6’c to 8’c
Wind W 29mph gusting to 48mph
Rainfall 1-3mm (localised rainfall possible)

Wet roads locally

Clear spells and broken cloud. still with the risk of the odd shower which may be wintry with hail or sleet mixed in although many places remaining dry.
Temperature 4’c to 6’c
Wind W 28mph gusting to 40mph becoming 24mph gusting to 34mph
Rainfall 0-1mm (localised rainfall possible)

Wet roads locally

A bright start with sunny spells and scattered showers. During the afternoon the cloud will gradually thicken up, still with the odd shower.
Temperature 7’c to 9’c
Wind W 21mph gusting to 32mph becoming WSW 18-25mph
Rainfall 0-2mm (localised rainfall possible)