October 27th, Latest forecast

  • 27 Oct 2020

Rain through the morning and into the first part of the afternoon followed by brighter conditions along with a few showers that may occasionally be rather heavy.
Temperature 13’c to 15’c
Wind SSW 18-29mph becoming S 24-45mph for a time before turning WSW 19-34mph by mid afternoon then slowly easing even further
Rainfall 2-5mm

Showers continuing into the night, some of which are likely to be heavy, perhaps even a rumble of thunder is possible although somewhat less of a risk than on Sunday.
Temperature 8’c to 10’c during any clear spells but closer to 12’c to 13’c during the showery periods
Wind WSW 18-29mph becoming 25-43mph by dawn
Rainfall 1-5mm with locally variable amounts

A lot of cloud around along with showers, some of which may be heavy. A few brighter spells are possible between the showers but these will be very limited.
Temperature 13’c to 14’c
Wind WSW 23-39mph but gusting closer to 50mph around the heaviest showers
Rainfall 1-4mm with locally variable amounts