October 28th, Latest forecast

  • 28 Oct 2020

Rather cloudy with showers at times, some of which may be heavy. There will be a few brighter spells, most of which will be during the afternoon but a lot of cloud still drifting through.
Temperature 13’c to 14’c
Wind WSW 25-41mph
Rainfall 1-5mm with localised variations

Showers easing as we move into the evening and first half of the night with most showers remaining to the south of the island in the Channel, however towards dawn we will see a general increase in cloud cover.
Temperature 11’c to 13’c
Wind W 18-32mph becoming 14-26mph and turning WSW by dawn

A grey and wet morning with spells of rain leading to a damp afternoon with low cloud, hill fog and drizzle at times.
Temperature 14’c to 15’c
Wind WSW 16-28mph becoming 28-49mph during the afternoon
Rainfall 2-4mm