April 7th, Latest forecast

  • 07 Apr 2021

Long sunny spells to start the day but cloud increasing by late morning to give a rather cloudy afternoon with just the outside chance of a shower.
Temperature 7c to 9c with the odd spot seeing 10c
Wind NW 6-12mph becoming 12-21mph


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Rather cloudy at first but clear spells developing along with another frost although towards dawn the cloud will increase slowly from the west.
Temperature -1c to 1c generally but as low as -3c in a few sheltered rural parts
Wind WNW 4-11mph becoming 0-4mph variable becoming west by dawn


Some early sunshine is likely but cloud amounts will increase as the day goes on with the outside chance of a light shower during the afternoon.
Temperature 8c to 10c
Wind WSW 3-9mph becoming 15-24mph by the afternoon