May 4th, Latest forecast

  • 04 May 2021

A bright day with sunny spells and broken cloud throughout. During the afternoon a few scattered showers will develop although not everywhere seeing these.
Temperature 11c to 13c
Wind WNW 25-46mph becoming 23-39mph
Rainfall 0-2mm with localised rainfall possible

Most of the scattered showers will fizzle away although the odd rogue shower may still reach the island, however there will be occasional clear spells between any cloudier periods.
Temperature 4c to 6c but a few sheltered rural spots may fall as low as 2c
Wind W or WNW 16-29mph becoming 14-24mph
Rainfall 0-1mm with localised rainfall possible

A bright start with a mixture of cloud and occasional sunny spells. By late morning and into the afternoon a few showers are likely to develop, possibly with hail mixed in.
Temperature 10c to 12c
Wind WNW 15-26mph becoming W or WSW 14-25mph
Rainfall 0-3mm with localised rainfall possible