June 9th, Latest forecast

  • 09 Jun 2021

A fine, warm and mostly sunny day, although occasional areas of cloud will move through, especially later in the day. Risk of fog returning once again to more western parts later in the day.
Temperature 19-21°C but closer to 14-15°C in more western and southern parts
Wind west-southwest 6-12mph becoming 12-22mph for a time this afternoon

A dry but rather cloudy night ahead with fog returning for many parts of the island, possibly dense in places.
Temperature 14-15°C
Wind west-southwest 6-14mph

A rather cloudy and murky start with fog in places, locally dense. As the day goes on any fog will burn back to windward coasts and hills, allowing a few brighter spells to develop in central, northern and eastern parts, especially to the lee of high ground.
Temperature 19-21°C but closer to 14-15°C in more southern and western parts
Wind southwest 8-15mph becoming 11-20mph for a time during the afternoon before easing towards the evening