June 10th, Latest forecast

  • 10 Jun 2021
Fog warning in force

Low cloud, hill fog along with coastal fog on windward coasts at times during the morning, although we will gradually see the skies clearing in more central, eastern and northern parts, however remaining rather cloudy with occasional mist and fog affecting the hills and coasts of more western and southern parts. Feeling warm and humid.
Temperature 17-19°C with a few places seeing 20°C in more eastern parts, but closer to 15°C in the south and west
Wind southwest 10-18mph becoming 12-22mph for a time

Clear spells at first in central, eastern and northern parts but the low cloud and fog will roll in once again from the west, leading to very poor visibility in places, especially over high ground.
Temperature 14-15°C
Wind southwest 8-16mph

Another cloudy, misty and murky start in many places with the risk of fog, especially in the west, south and over high ground elsewhere, but things will brighten up across most parts as the morning goes on, however the risk of mist and low cloud will continue in more western and southern parts of the island.
Temperature 18-20°C generally but closer to 15°C in the south and west
Wind southwest or west-southwest 12-19mph becoming 14-28mph during the afternoon