October 12th, Latest forecast

  • 12 Oct 2021


A fine day with sunny spells and occasional areas of cloud moving through, although somewhat less cloud than originally expected, however as the day goes on the cloud will increase.
Temperature 14-15°C with a few places seeing 16°C
Wind north-northwest 8-16mph becoming 10-19mph for a time

Variable amounts of cloud, possibly even the odd patch of light rain or drizzle at first, although a few clear spells will develop as the night goes on. A few mist and fog patches are likely to form in rural parts.
Temperature 9-11°C but a few rural parts falling as low as 7°C
Wind north 4-11mph becoming north-northeast 2-6mph

Occasional bright or sunny spells along with large areas of cloud drifting through at times.
Temperature 15-17°C
Wind variable of north 0-4mph at first becoming west then southwest 4-9mph through the afternoon