January 11th, Latest forecast

  • 11 Jan 2022


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A misty, murky day with occasional patchy rain or drizzle at times. Low cloud and hill fog will often affect more elevated parts of the island and this will occasionally dip down close to sea level, especially in more western and southern parts of the island.
Temperature 10-11°C
Wind southwest 3-9mph becoming north 9-17mph later
Rainfall 0-1mm

Cloudy at first with patchy rain and drizzle along with low cloud and hill fog. Later in the night the cloud will begin to break and the low cloud and fog will mostly lift to allow some clear spells to develop, perhaps with the odd pocket of localised frost in rural parts.
Temperature 3-5°C but a few sheltered parts could fall as low as 1°C
Wind north 9-18mph becoming 6-14mph by dawn
Rainfall less than 1mm

A fine day with almost unbroken sunshine making it feel very pleasant in the light winds. Fog will rapidly develop after sunset.
Temperature 7-8°C
Wind north or north-northeast 5-11mph